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Sharon Kimberley

Plenty Canada

Sharon Kimberley is an accomplished Program Manager in higher education, showcasing expertise in teamwork, leadership, and strategic planning. Possessing a Master of Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo, Sharon is a skilled professional with a strong background in environmental studies. Her commitment extends to her role at Plenty Canada, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating access to resources for Indigenous peoples and communities worldwide, supporting their environmental protection and sustainable development goals. Sharon's philosophy emphasizes the interconnectedness of people and the environment, valuing biodiversity as a precious treasure that requires protection for sustaining healthy lives. Her current project, The Two-Eyed Seeing Bird Atlas, is a collaborative, volunteer-driven five-year effort (2021-2015) to map Ontario’s approximately 300 species of breeding birds. The project has a "Community First" approach, supporting Indigenous community initiatives that increase the protection and recovery of birds at risk and culturally significant birds.

Kaelyn Bumelis

Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas Project Manager, Birds Canada

Kaelyn Bumelis has always been drawn to the outdoors. Her introduction to avian research occurred during her undergraduate studies, working as a wildlife technician studying aerial insectivores in the summers. This experience motivated her to pursue a Master of Science in Biology at Western University, where she focused on niche segregation among sympatric Barn, Cliff, and Tree swallows. Immersed in bird research, Kaelyn aimed to enhance her bird identification knowledge, nurturing a profound love for bird watching. Currently participating in her first-ever Breeding Bird Atlas, Kaelyn is thrilled to contribute to this extensive collaborative project. She considers it a privilege to work alongside dedicated volunteers, collaborators, and staff, all collectively striving toward the shared goal of bird conservation.

Roxane Filion

Regional Coordinator, Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas

Roxane Filion, a resident of South Porcupine/Timmins in northeastern Ontario (Cochrane District), is a dedicated bird enthusiast, continuously amazed by avian wonders. As a passionate advocate for birds and the natural world, Roxane actively shares her knowledge and love for these creatures with those around her. Engaged in various organizations, she is a proud member of the Ontario Field Ornithologists and Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed. Roxane also serves as one of the Regional Coordinators (Region 41) for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas-3, contributing significantly to bird conservation efforts in her region.

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