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Lorraine Rekmans

Serpent River First Nation, Master of Ceremony

Lorraine Rekmans is a dedicated advocate for Indigenous rights, environmental stewardship, and sustainable development. With expertise in nonprofit organizations, non-profit boards, business planning, and corporate social responsibility, she brings a unique blend of skills to the table. Lorraine's strong background in Indigenous rights and natural resource development policy has positioned her as a knowledgeable and effective voice in navigating complex issues. Drawing from her experience in the private sector automotive industry, she understands the intersection of business and environmental concerns, emphasizing sustainability in mainstream practices. As a co-owner of a small business, Lorraine actively contributes to both local and broader communities, embodying her commitment to positive change. Her goal is to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and advocate for policies that prioritize the rights of Indigenous communities.

Chief Jennifer Constant

Mattagami First Nation

Jennifer Constant is a member of Mattagami First Nation. She is an active representative of First Nation issues with a focus on promotion, advancement and advocacy of First Nation objectives and initiatives. Jennifer has been involved with many boards and committees, notably she represented the Mattagami First Nation Trust as the Chairperson, as well as being the President for the Mattagami-Aki G.P. Jennifer was an elected leader for her community of Mattagami First Nation – she started her political career in 2003 and was elected to council for nine consecutive terms. For over more than 18 years, Jennifer was involved in the protection of traditional territorial rights and stewardship of natural resources within Mattagami First Nations’ traditional territories.

Singing Spirit Drum Group

David Flood


David Flood (Zonzei Maiingun) is from Matachewan First Nation, an Ojibway band that is signatory to Treaty 9 area in northeast Ontario or the height-of-land. He has over 30 years’ experience in Forestry and Land Management combined with roles in First Nation advocacy, policy and in leading business development. Currently he serves as the General Manager for Wahkohtowin Development. David is passionate about cultural revival and investing in the youth-elder intergenerational relationship to keep the circle intact for the individual youth but also their interconnectedness and place in this world – Wahkohtowin.

Isabelle Allen


Isabelle Allen is proud to live and work in the traditional territory of her home community, Timiskaming First Nation. Since 2018 she has been the Project Forester for Wahkohtowin Development, where her primary goal is to build the capacity of our owner and sister nations to participate in forest management planning. She is also the organizer of the Indigenous Lands Symposium, focusing on bringing together people who are passionate about the land to embrace sovereignty, innovation, collaboration, and culture.

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