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Connecting First Nations in culture, practice, and purpose.

A social enterprise of First Nations actively upholding our rights for the benefit of our shared traditional territories, communities, and livelihood.

Miigwetch. Thank you for your interest.

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Power of Voice

Our Communities share purpose and resources to secure the future needs of our People through increased participation in land stewardship and protection of the land within our shared Traditional Territories. 


Together, we prioritize and push forward a strategic action plan promoting the sustainability and prosperity of our Nations through environmental vigilance and cultural revitalization in our Communities and Lands.

Our Lands & Waters


Focused on
our Future Generations

As an extension and collaborative partner of our Communities we develop and manage programs that align strategic community needs, cultural practices and land stewardship with land & resource development.


We actively engage our Communities to promote awareness, participation, and to build capacity development across cultural revitalization and sustainable resource development programs.

Our Conservation Economy

Collaboration through Culture and Innovation 

We are leaders in developing a conservation economy with our Communities. Our work is focused on new circular economies and partnership approaches that promote economic participation, cultural revitalization, and sustainability. 

Our innovative reconciliation-based approach to economic development increases opportunities for revenue generation, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, and community engagement.


Engaging and Empowering
our Youth

We envision communities that understand the Land, the People, and the Future. We will listen to Elders and Youth, and that will make us stronger and more hopeful for our future.


Our Guardians are the key in ensuring sustainability and harmony within our lands.

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Wahkohtowin Icon

Wahkohtowin is a Cree word that means kinship and the connectedness of our people, animals, lands, air, and waters.

Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc. is a social enterprise of 3 First Nations Communities with a mission to advance the upholding of rights in a collective and collaborative approach that enhances social, cultural, and environmental wellbeing for the long-term health and prosperity of our shared traditional territory. 

We are the Rights Holders of the activities that occur on our shared traditional territory, what we do today is for the prosperity of our future generations. Join the conversation.


Our People
and Lands have stories to tell

We have been stewards of our lands and waters for thousands of years. Today, we find richness and vibrance through innovation for a conservation economy, the revitalization of our culture and practices, and rekindling our relationship with our Land.


Join our conversation, and share in our collaborative approach to ensure sustainability and harmony within our lands, our people, and our livelihoods for future generations.

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