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The FSC Certification Process

Information and resources about using the FSC National Standard as a tool to advance the sovereignty of First Nations.


Using the FSC National Standard as a tool for Forest Management advances our economic prosperity and stewardship over our lands.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible management of the world's forests. FSC Canada is the Canadian national chapter of this organization, which provides standards and certification for sustainable forest management practices in Canada.


The FSC certification system aims to ensure that forest products come from responsibly managed forests that meet specific environmental, social and economic standards.

Our participation in this process ensures that Indigenous perspectives and traditional knowledge are integrated into the development and implementation of its standards and certification procedures. 

Historically, provinces have simply failed to take on responsibility in consultations and negotiations with Indigenous groups.


Read the full article featured in Anishnabek News, with David Flood.

David Flood General Manager Wahkohtowin




FPIC is a principle that recognizes the rights of Indigenous peoples to have a say in decisions that affect their lands, resources, and cultures. This principle requires that Indigenous communities be fully informed about proposed projects and activities that may impact them and that they freely give their consent before any such projects are carried out.


This means that Indigenous peoples must be consulted in a meaningful and culturally appropriate manner, and that their views and concerns must be taken into consideration in the decision-making process. In the context of FSC Canada, FPIC is considered an important element in ensuring that forestry operations respect the rights of Indigenous peoples and promote sustainable forest management practices.

Our intent is to inform and support Nations in understanding the National Standard and their ability to pursue direct agreements within the Forestry industry within our lands.


We support our Nations and People through resources.

Through our work with the FSC and Environment and Climate Change Canada, we have created the National FSC Indigenous Learning Hub. This project focused on equipping our Communities and People with the knowledge and tools to achieve positive outcomes.

We have compiled resources from this project into tangible information to help Communities; 

  • Understand what the National Forest Stewardship Standard is.

  • Identify Traditional Territories and Lands that are affected.

  • Understand the process to actively participate.

These resources are the first step towards engagement in Forest Management, leading to the pursuit of Direct Agreements with FSC Certificate Holders which benefits our lands, communities and livelihood.


We've compiled useful resources for Communities looking to participate in sustainable forestry management, including an investigation of how the concept of Indigenous Cultural Landscapes could be integrated into FSC Canada's National Forest Stewardship Standard. This report details a case study of participating Communities in FSC Certification.


Our People
and Lands have stories to tell

We have been stewards of our lands and waters for thousands of years. Today, we find richness and vibrance through innovation for a conservation economy, the revitalization of our culture and practices, and rekindling our relationship with our Land.


Join our conversation, and share in our collaborative approach to ensure sustainability and harmony within our lands, our people, and our livelihoods for future generations.

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