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Guardian Program

We envision Communities that understand the Land, the People, and the Future.


A program  that strengthened our Youth's connections to their Land, language and culture through land-based learning.

A land-based learning program builds relationships to our homelands, culture, and original ways of knowing. This program not only focuses on preserving and revitalizing cultural heritage, but it also provides practical skills and knowledge.


Participants receive skill building certifications and job- and education-ready experience within forestry and forest stewardship. By merging the traditional and modern ways of understanding the land, this program offers a unique and valuable experience for those seeking to deepen their connection to the natural world and their cultural roots.

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Wahkohtowin Guardian Program Strategic Action Plan

We recognize the challenges and opportunities facing our Communities in environmental and resource management. We want to be leaders and changemakers for our Communities. And this starts with our Youth. We want to learn our old ways and share knowledge to create innovative environmental solutions. With guidance from our Elders and Cultural Advisors we developed a set of principles to guide our Guardians.

  • We wish to respect Our Elders who see a need for an Indigenous perspective on living and learning on the Land.

  • We believe in being accountable for the resources we consume.

  • We wish to be well-trained caretakers of the Land in the same ways Our Ancestors have since time immemorial.

  • We believe reconnecting to Our Traditional way of living is the key to the health of our communities and protection of our lands.

  • We wish to actively monitor and have a presence on Our Traditional Territory.


Through lands-based learning opportunities.

Skill development & cultural revitalization for 16-19 youth.


leaders are the Youth of today.

We are a diverse group of young Indigenous people from different backgrounds and perspectives. The Guardian Program is dynamic and inclusive and designed for youth who are passionate about their heritage and the environment. 

Our Guardians Empowerment

You, our Youth, are the next generation of leaders. Working together to collaborate and learn is critical to our ways and rekindling our connectdeness.

Join us on a meaningful and rewarding journey from our past to present and future.

Miigwetch. Thank you for your interest.


Hear our story of the Northeast Superior Guardian Program.

With open discussion from the audience.

Guardian Youth Program Wahkohtowin

We've compiled useful resources for consideration and learning about our Guardian Program. 


Our People
and Lands have stories to tell

We have been stewards of our lands and waters for thousands of years. Today, we find richness and vibrance through innovation for a conservation economy, the revitalization of our culture and practices, and rekindling our relationship with our Land.


Join our conversation, and share in our collaborative approach to ensure sustainability and harmony within our lands, our people, and our livelihoods for future generations.

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